This company is formed with a motive to create wealth for
its Investors & Customers while creating a Financially Intelligent Society.



We hail from different business backgrounds & were successfully performing in our individual professional lives a few years back when Mr. David Carmel Alex, our CEO who was already in the financial industry for nearly a decade, expressed to his business partners, a need for imparting appropriate financial education & knowledge about the stock market.

Realizing this as a humongous task in front of us, we began by creating a Public Ltd company and hired a team of experts & professionals to bring this dream closer to reality.

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David Carmel Alex


David Carmel Alex was born and raised in the Middle East. He completed his diploma in Hardware Engineering and Networking in Malaysia and went onto pursue information Engineering at Lancaster University in Malaysia. Then he moved on to finance and completed his MBA. It is almost been a decade since he is in the financial market and after careful research and years of backtesting different strategies, he came up with a trading strategy known as the Beardman strategy. It is a technical setup strategy and can be used across all asset classes.

David has business ventures across the globe in various industries. Speaking about his certifications in the Fintech world, he is a NISM Certified Research Analyst and Level 1 Investment Advisor. Recently he became the first Certified Blockchain, Bitcoin, Metaverse, and NFT expert hailing from Kerala. His passion for learning and implementing concepts from different industries have been used as leverage by Maverixpro to build unique courses and modules keeping the younger generation in focus. He has been honoured by Kerala's minister of transport Mr. A K Saseendran and also recognised by The Economic Times as one of the promising entrepreneurs of India


Marapatta Muhammed Sajid is a successful young businessman who has run his business for over 12 years.

Muhammed Sajid


Abdul Basith Chemmala has been in the textile business sector for over 12 years. He is a man with vast contacts, his associations have always been a great advantage in business.

Abdul Basith


Musthafa was born in a mercantile family. His was the blood of a merchant, so the influence of a merchant brought him into business during his school days.

Mohammed Musthafa



MaverixPro is established to bring financial literacy to the general public. It helps them understand finance and create a savings and investment mindset which is very essential for any growing country. The core business of MaverixPro Ltd is research and investment in the securities market using a complex algorithm - The BeardMan Strategy. MaverixPro and its subsidiaries form an interconnected business model and act as a hedge to different market situations. At MaverixPro we emphasize the empowerment of the society while also focusing on creating wealth for the organization and its shareholders.


MaverixPro® is on a mission to create a self-sustainable Financial Organization with a strong & diverse presence across major sectors of the economy. We are here to revolutionize the way you handle & perceive Finance thereby creating a Financially Intelligent Society that can contribute to building a Financially Independent Society in the long run.


We look to put forward all efforts to improve financial literacy and awareness about the importance of financial education in a nation where the financial literacy rate is poor. A challenge that we keep close to our hearts and are passionate about. While creating wealth for our Investors & Customers, we also expect to improve their financial knowledge during the course of our natural business activities. We as Maverixians aim to bring financial literacy to a million people before our public offering.

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“The journey to your financial freedom starts by igniting the eagerness to be financially literate.
A goal every Indian should have”

– David Carmel Alex -

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